Should Union Workers Support The USA Plan? YES!


Unions have served workers over the years not only raising their wages but securing retirement and old-age medical benefits. Unfortunately, the clash between management and the unions has caused great strife and disagreements. The USA Plan will eliminate the need for unions to secure pensions and medical care thereby significantly reducing labor-management concerns.

  1. It eliminates the need for unions to negotiate with corporations, unincorporated businesses, states, counties and cities to provide and fund old age retirement plans for their employees. Employees will have the USA Plan that pays them much more per month and a nest egg to pass on to their kids.
  2. It eliminates the need for unions to negotiate with corporations, unincorporated businesses, states, counties and cities to provide and fund old-age medical plans for their employees. The USA Plan will enable them to self-finance the best coverage on the planet.
  3. The Plan will reduce the number of strikes because no retirement and medical benefits will need to be negotiated with management.
  4. Union members will have their own USA accounts eliminating the need to rely on the future solvency of their employer. Too many have lost their entire pension because the employer went bankrupt.
  5. By employing USA accounts corporations will reduce overall management-union tensions because pension and medical plan negotiations will be unnecessary.
  6. The need to pay exorbitant lifetime wages will be reduced because every employee will have a minimum $4 million nest egg to rely on when they retire even if they only make $50,000 a year.
  7. The USA Plan will enable union workers to become part owners of the American economy (stock in American companies). That will encourage them to be working to make their own employer more efficient, profitable and socially responsible to increase its bottom line and stock price.

Eliminating the need for retirement benefits will significantly reduce the worker’s need for unions in this regard. However, unions will benefit from being able to focus on other worker concerns.


These and many further benefits and understandings can be accessed on our HOME page, However, before we go there please click on the link below to help us promote the USA Plan and get it legislated into law.


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