The Basic Philosophy of The USA Plan

Peace – Prosperity – Privacy

The USA Plan is both an Economic and Social Plan which hopes to lead everyone on the planet closer to World Peace, Universal Prosperity, and Individual Happiness.

To achieve these goals starts with the happiness of every individual. Human beings are born free and equal. The desire to be free survives all competing forces even when we are forced to conform. Therefore, the underlying principle of the USA Plan is freedom from such sources.

Government is one of those sources of force. In the USA Plan, all payroll taxes are immediately taken from the government and placed in the personal and private investment account of the individual taxpayer. In the modern world this will be known as the ultimate expression of “free and equal.” It will finally fulfill the promise – “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Plan will bring happiness to every individual in many ways. Having an investment account (a “USA” account) that will grow into a $4 million nest egg will, during its accumulation, make the taxpayer feel safe and secure financially. In addition, and probably more fulfilling, will be the realization that he or she is on the great American team with a significant investment in many of its businesses. Thereby achieving “universal prosperity” – “free and equal”.

A successful implementation of the USA Plan in America will prove to the people of the world that there is an economic and social system that eradicates poverty. Politically it would be impossible for human beings not to demand such freedom and equality. The “trickle-up” feature of the USA Plan would be irresistible to everyone especially the working poor.

It is not a stretch to assume that World Peace can only be achieved when all people own property. People with property won’t let their leaders start wars. Collectively poor people won’t have to fight the wars as they have in the past. They will be too rich to risk losses. Individuals with a healthy portfolio of stocks will not be silent when forcing their leaders to follow the Golden Rule and rational behavior.

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