The Family is and has always been the Cornerstone of Society

As it thrives so does society. Unfortunately, high taxes, government inference, dysfunction, and popular culture has forced many families to break from their traditional roles. The USA Plan has been constructed to induce family creation and maintenance. By sharing their contributions of payroll taxes, a couple who decides to have the wife stay home and raise the kids and grandkids will still retire a millionaire.

Corporate employers should raise wages considering under the USA Plan they don’t have to provide employees with pension and old-age medical coverage. Families that don’t have to save for retirement or for catastrophic health events will experience less stress on their finances as well on their relationships.

Taking financial concerns away from day-to-day family matters should provide a happier environment for the family and allow them to tailor their lifestyle accordingly. Taking these stresses away from parents will surely allow them to raise more responsible and happy children.

The family’s USA Account should be a guidepost to the hopeful future lacking in so many of today’s families.


The USA Plan will bring forth the feeling of self-reliance which will be the driving force behind its enactment into law.


The USA Plan triggers the largest tax cut in US History and will 
generate the largest increase in tax revenue ever collected.


The USA Plan is the kindest most compassionate legislation ever
advanced. It extinguishes poverty as we know it and will shine
a light on the future of civilization.